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David Hay, the Founder and Director of the Marin Waves Track Club has been involved in the sport for over 30 years as an athlete and coach and has been a teacher for 24 years.
David participated in track and field/XC at the middle school, high school, and college levels. During his high schools years, David was an All-League, District, and Regional performer and ran in events ranging from 200 meters to 1600 meters and cross country. He also threw the discus and competed in the long jump. David also earned Team MVP honors while at Hudson High School in Ohio.
At Ithaca College, David was a 4 year letter winner in Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track. David also earned All League and State honors in College, and was a member of the NCAA Championship Qualifying XC Team. David earned his BS in Health Ed/Exercise Science with a concentration in coaching. David's coaching career also started while at Ithaca College, assisting with the Ithaca High School program in 1993-94.
After College, David spent 7 years as an assistant and head coach at Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, CA. While at Los Gatos High, David worked with numerous CCS and State qualifying Athletes and Teams. David also attended the Elite Distance/Track Camp as a coach at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA., earned his level 1 USATF certification, and attended several track and field clinics. David is a member of the Los Gatos High School Track Coaches Hall of Fame.
In 2000, David moved to the East Bay where he was Athletic Director, P.E. Instructor, and began the school's track club at Pacific Academy (now Making Waves Academy) in Richmond, CA. David earned his MA from San Jose State University in Kinesiology/Sports Management in 2001. David also earned his California Clear Teaching Credential.
In 2004, David took a teaching position at a Private School in Mill Valley, CA. Then in 2007, David recognized a need for a track club in Marin where kids could learn the sport, train throughout the year, specialize in events they really enjoyed, and compete at the local and National level in their age group. Thus, the Marin Waves Track & Field Club was born. Since 2007, David has coached hundreds of athletes over thousands of hours at all age, ability, and competition levels. As the Marin Waves Director, David has coached 4 National Champion Award Winners, 8 National Runner-up Award Winners, 22 JO All-Americans, 17 USATF Masters All-Americans, and a National Champion in the Masters High Jump. David has also coached speed and agility to many of Marin County's most accomplished athletes in sports including lacrosse, baseball, football, basketball and soccer, some who have gone on to play at Division I Schools including Princeton and Harvard. David looks forward to a bright future where he is excited to coach some of the Bay Area’s finest athletes.



Coach of 11 USATF National JO XC Qualifiers 2017-18

Coach of Boys 8U Javelin #2 All Time Thrower (JD Horn - 82', 2018)

Coach of 3 USATF/AAU National Runner-Up Award Winners 2018

Coach of 4 USATF JO All American Award Winners 2017

Coach of Region 14 (9-10) Girls 100m & 200m Dash Champion 2017

Coach of 2017 Marin County "A" Girls 100m, Long Jump, & High Jump Champion,  "B" Boys High Jump & Shot Put Champion

Coach of 10 AAU 2017 National Indoor Track & Field Top 8 Award Winners

Coach of 3 National JO Cross Country Qualifiers 2016

Coach of 4 JO All American Awards 2016-
Sean Huckleberry (Boys 13)- AAU Triple Jump, #8
Adeline Johnson (G11-12)- USATF 1500m Race Walk, #5
Drake Miller (B11-12)- USATF Pentathlon, #2, National Runner Up
Drake Miller (B11-12)- USATF High Jump, #4

Coach of 8 National JO Track & Field Qualifiers 2016

Coach of 2 National AAU Track & Field Qualifiers 2016

Coach of Marin County MS CYO Track & Field Boys/Girls
Team Champions 2016 (12 Consecutive)

Coach of Marin County A/B Coed 4x400m Relay Champions 2016

Coach of 2016 Masters All-American Award Winner:
Lawrence Stotter: Men's 85-89 Shot Put

Coach of 6 Marin Waves National JO XC Qualifiers 2015

Club coach of 2015 Marin County 8th Grade Boys XC Champion
(Undefeated Season, 3-0)- Kamron Fillabi

Coach of 2015 All-American Award Winners:
Chloe Elbaz: Group 1 Girls 800 meters & 1500 meters
Sean Huckleberry: Group 3 Boys Long Jump

Coach of 2015 Masters All-American Award Winners:
Shara Coletta: 30-39 Pentathlon, High Jump, 80MH Relay
Terry Parks: 50-54 High Jump (Trains HJ with Marin Waves Track Club)

Coach of 10 National JO Track & Field Qualifiers 2015

Coach of Marin County MS CYO Track & Field Boys/Girls
Team Champions 2015

Coach  of 5 Marin County MS County Champions 2015:
D Girls 200m, D Girls High Jump, A Boys Shot Put,
A Boys High Jump, D Boys Long Jump

Coach of 7 USATF National JO XC Championship Qualifiers 2014

Coach of 2014 USATF National Youth Outdoor Champions
Angelica Zuber: Group 3 Girls 300G Javelin
Damon Zuber: Group 4 Boys 600G Javelin
Angelica Zuber: JO All-American 2014 Group 3 Girls 300G Javelin

Coach of C Boys High Jump & D BOYS 1200m
Marin County MS Champions 2014

Coach of Marin County MS CYO Track & Field 
Boys/Girls Team Champions 2014

1 JO All American Track & Field Award 2013
12 National JO Track & Field Qualifiers 2013
3 National JO XC Qualifiers 2013

Marin Waves Group 6 Boys Pacific Association
Team Champions 2013

3 Masters All-American Awards 2012-13
5 National JO Cross Country Qualifiers 2012
11 National JO Track & Field Qualifiers 2013

2 JO All American Track & Field Awards 2012
Coach of BG Javelin National Runner-Up 2012 

Marin Waves Intermediate Girls Pacific Association
Team Champions 2012

Coach of #1 ranked Javelin thrower
(Bantam Girls), #3 ranked 3000 meter runner 
(Youth Boys) in USA, May 2012 (

Coach of 2012-13 Marin County M.S. 
Shot Put Champion: A Girls

6 MW National JO Cross Country Qualifiers 2011
2011 National JO Cross Country All-American:
Emily Carmona: (SBG-2K Race), #8

Coach of 2011 6th Grade Boys Marin County XC Champion

3 National JO Track & Field All-American Awards 2011
6 National JO Qualifiers: Marin Waves TC

Coach of 2011 Marin County M.S. High Jump & Shot Put Champions:
A Girls & C Boys High Jump, B Girls Shot Put

4 National JO XC Championship Qualifiers 2010: Marin Waves TC 

2010 National JO Track & Field All-American:
Boys Javelin (Bantam): Marin Waves TC

3 Event Qualifiers- Youth Junior Olympic National Track & Field Championships 2010: Marin Waves TC

Coach of 2010 Dipsea Race (Mill Vallley, CA) Champion

2 Youth Junior Olympic National Championship Cross Country Qualifiers 2009: Marin Waves TC

3 Youth National Championship Meet Track/C.C.
Qualifiers in 2008-2009: Marin Waves TC

Los Gatos H.S. League Championship Coach
Coached numerous CA State Qualifiers

Los Gatos High School Track & Field Coaches Hall of Fame Member

Certified USA Track & Field Coach: attended level 1 clinic & certified 12/2009; Attended VS Northern California Track & Field Super Clinic 1/23/2010

13 Marin County M.S. X-C Championship Medal Winners 2010

Current 10 x Marin CYO M.S. Championship Track & Field Team
Head Coach

Coach of 4 Marin M.S. X-C County Individual Champions:
2006, 2007, 2010, 2011

5 Marin County Relay Team Champions 2009-10

NYS Collegiate Coaches Association
All NY State Collegiate X-C 1993

Ithaca College 4 Year Varsity Letters Track/X-C

B.S. Exercise Science/Coaching/Health, Ithaca College

M.A. Kinesiology, San Jose State University

CA Clear Teaching Credential

Certified in CPR & First Aid

22 years of classroom teaching experience

23 years coaching experience Track/XC

Assistant Coach:
Raquel Whiting


4 Year Varsity Track & Field: St. Ignatius H.S., S.F.

Track Events: 400m, 200m, 100m, 4x400m, 4x100m

Member of 2016 State Qualifying Relay Team SI

Marin Waves National JO Qualifier 2012, 2013


Marin Waves Team Roster:


Kallen Aley: Group 6 Boys
Kyra Allen: Group 5 Girls
Lucas Atherton: Group 5 Boys
Conner Baird: Group 2 Boys
Jack Bartlett: Group 3 Boys
Louisa Bartlett: Group 1 Girls
Olivia Bartlett: Group 3 Girls
Antonio Bayon: Group 3 Boys
Julia Bayon: Group 2 Girls
Lucas Bayon: Group 1 Boys

Jordan Bernardini: Group 4 Boys
Henry Blum: Group 3 Boys
Finn Bratteberg: Group 3 Boys
Lincoln Brown: Group 5 Boys
Tristyn Bryan: Group 5 Girls
Holden Buchbinder: Group 3 Boys
Jonah Buessing: Group 5 Boys
Sofia Carlin: Group 3 Girls
Ethan Chase: Group 4 Boys
Nate Charles: Group 6 Boys
Nate Cohen: Group 3 Boys
Etienne Cortis: Group 2 Boys
Adelle Cortis: Group 4 Girls
Julia Costle: Group 3 Girls
Jessamyn da Cunha: Group 3 Girls
Lola Daley: Group 5 Girls
Eva Davenport: Group 3 Girls
Charlotte DeForrest: Group 5 Girls
Kate DeForrest: Group 3 Girls
Nolan DeForrest: Group 2 Boys
Manelle Dillard: Group 5 Girls
Robby Dinowitz: Group 5 Boys
Ella Emison: Group 4 Girls

Leila Foss: Group 5 Girls
Kent Goodman: Group 5 Boys
Caroline Goodrich: Group 3 Girls
Lisandro Guzman: Group 4 Boys
Ella Harper: Group 5 Girls
David Hay: Masters Men
Brooke Hector: Group 5 Girls
Gabriella Hoeberichts: Group 4 Girls
Schuyler Hoeberichts: Group 5 Boys
William Holden-Wingate: Group 5 Boys
Caitlyn Holmstrom: Group 3 Girls
Annalise Horn: Group 2 Girls
Callie Horn: Group 3 Girls
J.D. Horn: Group 1 Boys
Samantha Horn: Group 4 Girls
Sean Huckleberry: Group 5 Boys
Adeline Johnson: Group 4 Girls
Gianni Johnson: Group 6 Men
Kylie Johnstone: Group 4 Girls
Benjamin Jones: Group 2 Boys
Charlotte Jones: Group 2 Girls
Samuel Kattan: Group 1 Boys
Ellie Kemos: Group 4 Girls
Michael Kornfeld: Group 2 Boys
Anna-Lune Lamprecht: Group 1 Girls
Mabry Lance: Group 3 Boys
Paul Law: Group 5 Boys
Shyla Lensing: Group 3 Girls
Liam Lerman: Group 2 Boys
Myles Lerman: Group 1 Boys
Natalie Lessin: Group 5 Girls
Anna Loftin: Group 1 Girls
Colin MacKenzie: Group 3 Boys
Danica Madan: Group 3 Girls
Gabriel Madan: Group 4 Boys
Amelia Mannion: Group 3 Girls
Timothy Mannion: Group 1 Boys
Lilianna Marinozzi: Group 4 Girls
Matthew Marotto: Group 3 Boys
Madeline Marshall: Group 4 Girls
Isabella Matarrita: Group 5 Girls
Millie Matthews: Group 2 Girls
Daniel May: Group 3 Boys
Maggie McAndrews: Group 3 Girls
Kaitlyn McCarthy: Group 3 Girls
Quinn McCarthy: Group 2 Boys
Ellie McCuskey-Hay: Group 3 Girls
Ryder Melchionda: Group 2 Boys
Grace Michel: Group 4 Girls
Jackson Michel: Group 4 Boys
Tony Moeckel: Group 5 Boys
Lea Morina: Group 4 Girls
Jada Nazarian: Group 5 Girls
Hunter Newsom: Group 2 Boys
Montana Newsom: Group 3 Girls
Olivia Novia: Group 4 Girls
Nicholas Novotny: Group 2 Boys
Alex Olesky: Group 3 Boys
Terry Parks: Masters Men
Caleb Pat: Group 2 Boys
Devin Price: Group 2 Boys
Dominic Quek: Group 1 Boys
Noah Quek: Group 3 Boys
Ben Reichardt: Group 4 Boys
Juliet Reichardt: Group 3 Girls
Henry Rieke: Group 3 Boys
Paul Roache: Masters Men
Liz Roberts: Masters Women
Lucy Robinson: Group 2 Girls
Sean Robinson: Group 3 Boys
Zack Rolland: Group 2 Boys
Eva Rowbury: Group 3 Girls
Rafael Sanchez Lazaro: Group 3 Boys
Kendall Scanlan: Group 4 Girls
Isabella Schauble: Group 4 Girls
Tristan Schauble: Group 3 Boys
Robert Schellenberg: Masters Men
Nick Sergeev: Group 3 Boys
Lina Shibley: Group 5 Girls
Eden Shumway: Group 2 Girls
Eli Singer: Group 3 Boys

Annabel Steel: Group 4 Girls
Alexis Strack: Group 4 Girls
Christina Strack: Group 4 Girls
Seth Summers: Group 4 Boys
Andres Sunderland: Group 3 Boys
Adela Tabak: Group 2 Girls
Ben Tabak: Group 4 Boys
Levi Tabak: Group 1 Boys
Justin Taub: Group 3 Boys

Mia Trodella: Group 3 Girls
Jack Turner: Group 2 Boys
Bodhi Wadia: Group 2 Boys
Connor Weisberg: Group 3 Boys
Amelia "Millie" Weitz: Group 5 Girls
Logan Yroz: Group 4 Boys
Quentin Yroz: Group 6 Young Men

Roster as of 12/9/2018
*Current insured members. If your name does not appear, you must register or reregister with club.



Age Division:
Year of Birth=
USATF XC race distance

GROUP 1- 7-8
: 2010 or Later+= 2000 meters
9-10: 2008-2009= 3000 meters 
11-12: 2006-2007= 3000 meters
GROUP 4- 13-14: 2004-2005 4000 meters
GROUP 5- 15-16: 2002-2003= 5000 meters
GROUP 6- 17-18: 2000-2001= 5000 meters
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The Marin Waves are a member of the AAU

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